Photo by Kristen Woods

Photo by Kristen Woods

Under the guidance of Alison West, Kaitlyn completed 500 hours of teacher training at Yoga Union between 2009 and 2012. She is now a core faculty member of Yoga Union's Teacher Trainings, including the Backcare and Scoliosis Certification Program. Having been mentored by Alison extensively since 2009, she now mentors many teachers and teachers-in-training, helping them to develop depth and clarity in both their practice and teaching.

Kaitlyn is a seasoned teacher of both general and backcare yoga classes with a strong foundation in alignment and its therapeutic applications to the spine. Her joyful yet precise approach to alignment will spark your curiosity and offer you tools for self-inquiry, support, and transformation. Students have described her classes as “challenging yet calming.” Her thoughtful instruction emphasizes aligned integration of the body, helping students find physical, mental, and emotional balance.


Photo by Cristina Tarantola

Photo by Cristina Tarantola


Kaitlyn is a wonderful instructor. She has a wealth of knowledge about the body and has the ability to break down and teach complicated concepts so that they are clear and understandable. She tailors each of our sessions to help strengthen and improve the specific needs of my back, and body in general. When certain poses have been more difficult for me, she comes up with creative ways for me to successfully be able to get into the pose. Kaitlyn has been a tremendous source of encouragement for me and I totally trust her judgement.

Kaitlyn Hipple has been a godsend in helping me with my back issues. Her intelligence, compassion, and attention to detail has helped me so much in improving my posture and deepening my yoga practice. Kaitlyn’s teachings are always clear with precise demonstrations and helpful adjustments - she gives each student personalized attention in even the most packed classes.
I really can’t stress how much better I feel since I started working with Kaitlyn. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for help with their scoliosis, herniation, or any other back condition!

-Mike Lopez

Since attending Kaitlyn's alignment yoga class, I feel better and look better. In fact, within several months, friends, family, and even members at my gym, complimented my posture and physique, and asked me what I was doing you know!

What to write about Kaitlyn. Gracious, kind, brilliant, genteel, talented, unique and lovely Kaitlyn. As a student with bad back pain and scoliosis, her classes never fail to make me better, both physically and spiritually. A true gem and NYC treasure.
-Helene Verin


Kaitlyn is a great  teacher - it’s a privilege to study with her.  It’s clear that she puts a great deal of thought into the structure and pacing of the classes.  
She has tremendous depth of knowledge,  yet never overwhelms students with too much information. 
Kaitlyn communicates with great precision-- whether demonstrating a pose, making group corrections, or providing individual feedback and assistance.
There’s not an extraneous word or demonstration -   it’s amazing  - yet the comments, explanations & corrections are just spot on!
The clarity and focus of her teaching really shines.


I’ve taken classes with Kaitlyn at Yoga Union for about three years now and those classes have been transformational for me.
Kaitlyn gives her ALL at every class—teaching with clarity, compassion and enthusiasm. Her attention to detail has paid off for me as my lumbar herniation (which initially brought me to Yoga Union) does not bother me anymore. With this under control, I continue to enjoy my weekly classes with Kaitlyn which have allowed my yoga practice to grow. As my schedule can become busy, Kaitlyn has also encouraged and helped me develop a home practice which she is always happy to discuss and tweak by offering new poses or tips for improvement.
As this testimonial is short, it’s hard to fully describe my experience but the main take away is that Kaitlyn is truly exceptional and her teachings (no matter what level you are on) are guaranteed to lift your yoga practice and energize you in the process.


Kaitlyn Hipple has been an integral part of my instruction at Yoga Union for the past three years, including 200 hour Teacher Training, Backcare Certification, private sessions and alignment classes. Her teaching is articulate, precise, and founded in studied, practiced technique. That being said, the class sequences are creative, thoughtful and challenging within the realm of one’s learned strengths and capabilities. If deepening and learning more about your practice, enhancing awareness of mind/body connection is of interest, Kaitlyn’s teaching is above and beyond the norm.
-Colleen McCourtney

I've been going to Kaitlyn's yoga class for more than three years and she has helped me immensely. I have a severe herniation in my lumbar spine and when I started working with Kaitlyn I was experiencing chronic pain, limited mobility, I had to stop participating in sports, and my daily activities were seriously impacted. I had only taken a few yoga classes in the past and each time I would inform the instructor of my injury, they would nod and then conduct the class as usual and afterwards I would experience pain. Because of this I was afraid to try yoga again.
Kaitlyn is like no other yoga teacher I have ever encountered. She is extremely knowledgeable and skillful about backcare and how to work with people with injuries. Kaitlyn is able to modify any pose in order to accommodate an individual student's needs. She is precise in her explanations, vigilant of her students' safety, and has a compassionate and peaceful demeanor. Since I have been working with Kaitlyn, I am no longer experiencing chronic back pain, my daily living activities are back to normal, I am playing sports regularly again, and my strength, flexibility, and awareness of my body and posture has improved immensely. I highly recommend Kaitlyn to anybody who wants to begin or continue their yoga practice and especially anyone who is experiencing pain or injury. I am grateful to have found Kaitlyn and I plan to continue attending her class for many years to come.


I have know Kaitlyn for several years, since she was an assistant to Alison and now, as a fully seasoned professional. I have specific back issues, and Kaitlyn is extremely sensitive to them. She always guides me in the right direction. She is attentive to everyone's needs in all of her classes, which are interesting and varied. I always learn something new. I look to her for guidance regarding issues and questions I have and she is always there for me. I plan to keep growing and learning in Kaitlyn's classes.
-Judy Veneroso

Discovering Yoga Union has changed my life tremendously. Prior to Kaitlyn’s backcare yoga classes, I was afraid of working out. I thought my body was too weak for any type of exercise due to the pain in my back. This changed after I started consistently taking Kaitlyn’s classes at Yoga Union. Taking Kaitlyn’s class has been one of the best things in my life in the past three years. She guided me through the poses and taught me how to move safely. Kaitlyn really understands the needs of each student and modifies the poses based on our strength and mobility. She is very empathic and has a soothing and gentle approach. Her class is a safe space for yoga practice. She teaches us to be in touch with our bodies, to meet the body where it is and adapt as needed. It is a “no pain no pain” class where we don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga and can perform the poses without doing harm to our spines. Kaitlyn’s class has given me strength and confidence in my body. Because of the knowledge I have gained, I am now able to practice safely at home and workout on my own at the gym. I also have not had back pain for 2.5 years. I recommend her classes to everyone who would like to safely practice yoga.

I have worked with Kaitlyn for several months now. I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, capable of giving individualized attention to people with a wide variety of issues and supportive. She has been particularly attentive to me which has been much appreciated, as I came to her yoga classes with multiple issues, some more recent and others long-standing. Kaitlyn is clearly at the top of her game!
-Linda DeCarlo

Kaitlyn is by far the most thoughtful and exacting yoga instructor I’ve had. I started taking classes from her three years ago, and it saved my life. My back had been in pain every day, and it took five minutes to stand up straight after getting up from my desk. But after a few months the pain was mostly gone and I felt strong and stable for the first time in years. Not only does the practice she teaches build strength and flexibility, but it also has led to instinctive changes in posture that protect my back every day. And apart from the physical results, being around Kaitlyn is immediately calming. She’s the best. Take a class from her now!
-Derek S.